The vineyards of Francesco Follador

Our territory is not easy: it took centuries to tame it and create that magical balance between Nature and agriculture that let our vineyards express themselves to their full potential. The 6 hectares of vineyards are like a mosaic of small plots with very diverse microclimates and composition of the soil.

La riva

The Follador’s own this vineyard included in the area of Cartizze since immemorial time: whole generations of our family grew up among these south-facing steep rows.


From up here, from the peak of one of our highest and sunniest vineyard, you could see the valley opening towards the Piave River and the plain: such a breathtaking landscape.



Three hectares of vineyards that fully cover the homonymous hill: this is our most important and biggest cru that features unique characteristics.


The vines here, in the deep heart of Cartizze, are more than a century old. This plot is our gem both for the quality of the wine and for the beauty of places.


Lapped by the flow of the creek Teva, this is our flattest and least sunny vineyard. In this plot everything spread a feeling of calm and the grapes grow slowly.

Roa e Ronce

Protected by the woods of the hills, these two vineyards enjoy a fresh temperature and a perfect soil – magical elements that bring an authentic character to the grapes.


In order to get the best possible exposition to sun, you have to struggle a little bit. “No pain no gain” just like in this spectacular vineyard stretched out on a very steep stripe of land where only the hard manual labor can take the best out of these rough rows.

Al Vecio Molin

In this small plot, nestled between the village and the creek Teva, you could enjoy a special atmosphere where time seems to have stopped.