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Custodi di un Territorio


Our wine cellar

Francesco Follador’s wine cellar comes from a fusion of modern technologies, winemaking techniques and good practices gathered in decades of experience: from one generation to the next we have learnt to process and ferment

our grapes with the utmost respect. Come visit us and let yourself be carried by the taste and the landscape: visit the page dedicated to the wine tasting sessions to know more about the experiences that we can offer to our guests.



The wines of Francesco Follador

Since 2012 we have been members of FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Wine makers) because we share the mission of this great association and we believe that the role of the winemaker must be placed back at the heart of production. We are involved in the whole process of vinification, from the harvest to the direct selling of our wines. Together with Glera, a vine typical of our terroir, we decided to employ Perera and Verdiso, two accessory historical autochthonous vine varieties that have always been in our area. Their use is linked to the intention of creating wines presenting an even more personal identity. The scents of Perera and the freshness of Verdiso add a touch of color to an otherwise monochrome painting.

"In our wines there is much more than fermented grape juice: there is the story of a family and the tale of a land”


Centuries of life in one glass

Our wine has a long story to tell, a story that is still alive and pulsating, a story that we would like to share with you. Our wine is originally the one of Romans legionaries that guarded the Pre-Alps. Our wine is the one that sweetened the bitter lives of peasants in the feudal Middle Age, and it is also the same wine that went through the epopee of Serenissima, alongside the actors of the Venetian Republic in their adventures. It is the wine of the misery of all the ones that had to abandon our country to seek their fortune overseas, and it is also the wine of oblivion that brought relief to the people during the horrible world wars of the twentieth century…

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